Ti Pin Teo, Senior Risk Specialist at Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai

“I was starting out as a young manager heading the risk management function in my organization and I was never comfortable and convinced with what consultants have been ‘selling’ to the organization. But things quickly changed and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have Marc as my teacher in ARiMI when I decided to pursue a certification in enterprise risk management. He successfully shared his wealth of knowledge in risk management in the most engaging manner, often combining risk management theories with invaluable work experiences and events that happened in the past and present. What I found most rewarding from Marc’s coaching philosophy was that he has instilled confidence in me, and I believe also to all his students, to design and internalize a robust risk management framework for my employer and potential future employers. It is obvious that there isn’t a risk management framework that fits a “one-size-fit-all” bill and Marc ensures that he had time to communicate with us and give us tips to assist us in our work. I am a proud graduate from batch AX22 and I have been applying Marc’s teachings to great effect in my course of work. I would strongly recommend budding risks management professionals, or anyone who needs guidance in risk management to engage Marc and ARiMI.”