You will find below a few examples of testimonials received by Marc Ronez. Do take some time to read what leaders and managers from around Asia, Middle East, Africa and even Europe have to say about Marc’s work, expertise and teaching approach.

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“We invited Marc to conduct a series of presentations for members of our board of directors and for top levels company executives on December 2011 in Manila Electric Company. Marc delivered very though-provoking and insightful presentations on the integration of Governance and Risk Management to support sustainable company performance. I would recommend Marc as I am confident that many organizations would benefit from his insights.”


Harold Enriquez, Business Development Associate at ADEC Group, Philippines

“I thought it would be a struggle to deliver a topic like Risk Management over a long eight-days period, but because of the excellent way Marc has facilitated the training, I have learned well and benefited much from the course. Marc had a great way of putting across the information (of a very dry subject) in a very entertaining and engaging manner. He shared real-life case studies, videos and lively discussions to make the whole experience so interesting and fulfilling. It was one of the best training courses I have attended. Thank you.”

Alan Puan, Managing Director, ePM Training Services (S) Pte Ltd

“I attended Marc’s risk management CERM course at ARiMI and it was a very enriching experience for me. The course is well structured, with modules, methodologies and tools suited for the needs of practitioners with different levels of understanding of risk management. Furthermore the participation and sharing from the class was great.”

Brandon Lee, Director, Business Development and Asset Management, The Ascott Ltd, China

“I attended the CPRM Certification courses at ARiMI taught by Marc. The course was very productive for me; it enlarged dramatically my experience and knowledge of risk management. Besides, I have also met and learned from classmates from different industries and countries.

Marc has rich experience in this area and lots of creative view points and solutions on risk decision making and problem solving. His CCS methodology is very useful in looking at company key process and key factors to define risk. Such methodology can be used both for work and life with great benefits.”

Rong Chen, Finance Director, Stauff, China

“I attended one of ARiMI’s Flagship Risk Management Certification programs, the CPRM. Marc was the lead coach and is the brain behind many of the innovative methodologies and tools taught during this program. Marc has helped me discover how to conceptualise and look at things differently when it comes to dealing with uncertainty.

He made me realised that there is nothing that is stopping a technical person like me to adopt and adapt Risk Management thinking, methodologies and tools to any decisions I have to make or any problem I have to resolve in my work and even in my life to be able to turn risk into opportunity.”

Nurul Mohd Firdaus Ng, Consultant, Centre of Strategic Engagement (CENSE), Malaysia

“Marc is a very experienced expert and teacher able to articulate and distil complex business  risk concepts through stories and cases that truly resonates. As he has been in Asia for an extended period of time, he is able to understand and differentiate the nuances which allows him to bridge the cultural divide to communicate in a way that can be understood by everyone.”

Dany Chan, Area Director, Global Safety & Security, Marriott International Inc.

“Marc has an excellent and deep knowledge in Risk Management. Marc know how teach us step by step the methodologies, tools and processes so we got better understanding on the subject even though we may be at different levels of understanding of the Risk Management subject.”

Paulus Satriawan, Business Strategist, PT Cipta Kridatama, Indonesia

“I attended the CERM course conducted by Marc. Marc provided a fresh perspective on risk management, amalgating the universe of methodologies into a single course. He let his course attendees had a glimpse into the multifaceted world of risk management and helped us to understand not just the technicalities but also the spirit of what it means to be a risk manager. Well done Marc!”

Cheh Hsien Lee, General manager Enterprise Risk, BCM, Planning, Strategy & Communications, EMAS

“I had the wonderful opportunity to learn Enterprise Risk Management from Marc Ronez. I have spent close to 6 months moving with him as part of the learning. I admire his deep insight into Risk Management. The thing that impressed me the most is his consulting ability to connect business value proposition and leverage Risk Management as core strategy to achieve results. He is very balanced between commercial consults and academics that includes a lot of passionate research – his ARiMI ERM framework based on CCS business analysis is coupled tighthly to achive business goals. I am delighted to recommend him as great teacher and coach for anyone aspiring to enter the exciting emerging field of Enterprise Risk Management.”

Koushik Radhakrishnan, Regional Director – Infrastructure Services, AMEA (Asia/Middle East/Africa) at IBM

“It is a pleasure to recommend Marc as my coach/trainer in the recent CERM course that I had attended. He has an immense in-depth knowledge, passion of ERM and the way he had expounded during lectures was fascinating and enlightening. He is indeed a rare gem of a professional Risk Manager/Strategist that I ever met.

Marc articulates superbly well on his risk management expertise to his students and uses daily affairs cases and scrutinizing the depth of the risk profile and helping us to understand and avoid the pitfalls. His in-house risk management tools and methodology has also benefitted in the course of my work.

A very focus trainer, a leader in the ERM field and has a tremendous energy, drive to teach and share what he has got to ensure students take- away the best part of the ERM tools and knowledge. I have benefitted from this CERM certification course and indeed will recommend any person to pursue wholeheartedly. Thank you Marc for the candid exchanges throughout our certification sessions with the class.”

Michael Ng, Director Operations, Healthcare Group, Singapore