The ARiMI program fundamentally changed the way I think about business and I wish I had undertaken it 20 years ago. This was in large part due to Marc’s expertise, analysis and humour that made risk management an engaging topic for learning (no easy task). He is an excellent teacher. I was also (pleasantly) surprised by Marc’s in-depth understanding of the particular challenges facing not-for-profits. This was unexpected and made my time with Marc and ARiMI even more valuable

Luke Vardanega, Director HR & Risk at Anglican Diocese of Canberra

“I attended the CERM program conducted by Marc in late 2013. I found him very knowledgeable in his field, particularly his ability to relate to the various industries. What I liked about the training he delivered is how a single case in point can be viewed in many risk perspectives…amazing. Marc opened my eyes on how I could become more effective on my job and further fuelled my curiosity to seek out all possible scenarios in the management of risk. Thanks Marc for your guidance!”

Veejay Madhavan, Director of Compliance, Prudential Corporation Asia