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“As his student for the CERM, I have benefitted a lot from this rigorous program and Marc’s wealth of experience in the arena of enterprise risk management (ERM). 
A demanding and strict mentor, he has skillfully crafted the program in such a way that students are able to have a solid and in-depth foundation and grounding in terms of the theories and skill sets of a good ERM practitioner. 
He is the person one that you would think of when you talk about ERM!”

Jeffrey Yeo, Risk Manager at NUS – National University of Singapore


“I attended one of ARiMI’s Flagship Risk Management Certification programs, the CPRM. Marc was the lead coach and is the brain behind many of the innovative methodologies and tools taught during this program. Marc has helped me discover how to conceptualise and look at things differently when it comes to dealing with uncertainty.

He made me realised that there is nothing that is stopping a technical person like me to adopt and adapt Risk Management thinking, methodologies and tools to any decisions I have to make or any problem I have to resolve in my work and even in my life to be able to turn risk into opportunity.”

Nurul Mohd Firdaus Ng, Consultant, Centre of Strategic Engagement (CENSE), Malaysia