“I attended the CPRM Certification courses at ARiMI taught by Marc. The course was very productive for me; it enlarged dramatically my experience and knowledge of risk management. Besides, I have also met and learned from classmates from different industries and countries.

Marc has rich experience in this area and lots of creative view points and solutions on risk decision making and problem solving. His CCS methodology is very useful in looking at company key process and key factors to define risk. Such methodology can be used both for work and life with great benefits.”

Rong Chen, Finance Director, Stauff, China

“I attended the CERM program conducted by Marc in late 2013. I found him very knowledgeable in his field, particularly his ability to relate to the various industries. What I liked about the training he delivered is how a single case in point can be viewed in many risk perspectives…amazing. Marc opened my eyes on how I could become more effective on my job and further fuelled my curiosity to seek out all possible scenarios in the management of risk. Thanks Marc for your guidance!”

Veejay Madhavan, Director of Compliance, Prudential Corporation Asia