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Marc Ronez is a well-known expert in the risk management field. His specific areas of expertise include enterprise risk management (ERM), risk decision-making processes, corporate governance, Ethics, risk-aware culture, innovation, risk communication and crisis management, business model/Strategy Risk Management, corporate learning systems development and integration.

Marc has been published extensively with over 50 research studies, articles and white papers to his credit such as:

1) The Determinants of ERM Strategies & Practices: A Stakeholders Management Perspective
UNISA, November 2012

This research aimed to identify and understand, what are the critical factors determining Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategies and practices in organisations. In short, it was about answering why and how organizations implement and practice ERM. In this Research Marc focused on exploring the importance and role of various groups of internal and external stakeholders in influencing and shaping the objectives, design, implementation, practices and resulting level of ERM in organisations.

2) The Link between Strategic Risk Management and Sustainable Corporate Performance
ARiMI Publishing, August 2011

The study aimed to clarify the influence of risk management strategies and practices on corporate performance. The findings indicate a link between certain types of risk management systems and risk-aware culture that encourage continuous improvements through innovations and the long-term sustainability of corporate performance.

3) The Interconnection between Corporate Governance and Risk Management
ARiMI Publishing, March 2009

This paper explores the Interconnection between Corporate Governance and Risk Management. Using the complementary perspectives of the agency and the stakeholder management theories, Marc has developed a model to assess the strength and effectiveness of corporate governance practices.

4) The influence of Organizational Culture on Attitudes toward Risk
ARiMI Publishing, November 2006

This study aimed to investigate the relationship between the characteristics of organisational culture of an organisation and the attitudes towards risks of the people inside that organisations. The findings helped identify different types of organizational cultures that are associated to different levels of acceptance of attitudes toward risk. it also helped define an organisational culture change cycle that explains why and how organisational cultures move through various levels of maturity in managing uncertainty.

5) Designing an Effective Whistle Blowing Policy: The Psychology of a Whistle Blower
CARM, September 2005

In this research paper, Marc Ronez explored the role of Whistle Blowers in detecting and even preventing fraud cases. Then he identifies and analyse the psychological factors that needs to be taken into account in order to design a Whistle Blowing policy that will encourage appropriate and relevant disclosures.

Marc has also been contributing to group research efforts such as:

ERM – Enterprise Risk Management: Issues and Cases
WILEY, April 2014

A group work of recognized risk management experts under the lead of two international thought leaders in the field, J P Louisot and C H Ketcham, this book, ERM-Enterprise Risk Management provides a wealth of international case studies illustrating current issues and emerging best practices in enterprise risk management. Marc Ronez wrote the Chapter on “Business Ethics and Risk Management”.


Marc has authored comprehensive methodologies and widely popular learning programs on risk decision-making, corporate governance, corporate performance, human capital and crisis management such as the CERM™ and the CPRM™ programs.

The CPRM™ program aim to equip managers and leaders with the methodologies and tools necessary to master the assessment and mapping of risks and opportunities in organizations in order to support effective strategic and operational decision-making and hence performance. For more information, please follow the link CPRM INFO

The CERM™ program aim to develop managers into leaders able to champion and drive ERM project initiatives in their organisations including  to set up and manage the ERM function. For more information, please follow the link CERM INFO.

Marc has also  developed the ARiMI-LECP Professional Learning & Competency Framework™ to provide a roadmap for managers and leaders to build the knowledge and skills necessary to support their specific career and personal development needs. Click the following Link to check the ARiMI-LECP Framework.


Marc is also a sought after speaker at international business and risk management conferences. You can find some of his recent presentations below:

  • BCM Award 2013: BCM vs ERMMarc Ronez Presentation 24 January 2013
  • HR Summit 2013: The Role of HR in Crisis ManagementMarc Ronez Presentation 25 April 2013
  • Internal Fraud Conference 2013: Effective Whistleblowing ManagementMarc Ronez Presentation April 2013
  • KPC ERM Conference 2014: Integrating Risk Management into Strategic Decision MakingMarc Ronez Presentation January 2014
  • Maybank Guru 2014: Emerging risks in the Financial Services Industry & for the World Economy – Marc Ronez Presentation  November 2014
  • CFO Asia Exchange 2015: ERM – Re-focusing your Risk Management Strategy & PracticesMarc Ronez Presentation October 2015
  • A*Star ERM Day 2017: Risk Management – An essential Toolbox to support Innovation & GrowthMarc Ronez Presentation October 2017
  • IOD Global Convention 2017: Board’s Risk Management – Focus on Sustainability Issues & the Ethic Gap ChallengeMarc Ronez Presentation December 2017

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